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Zorbing Ball, originated in New Zealand in 90s last century, is the most exciting and safest entertainment program with people’s participation. Zorb Ball, made of TPU or PVC, is one kind of transparent sphere. The air is filled into the room between 2. 8 -3.2meters outside the ball and 1.9-2.1 meters inside the ball .
The space is connected by over a thousand braces. The zorb can be played by two persons at the same time. The rider is harnessed on the safety equipment, then launches down either the downhill or straight and smooth lawn. Now, Zorb Ball has rolled the path already from its birth New Zealand's pasture to China, and spreaded to Australia, USA, Britain, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Japan and over 20 countries and regions.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer allows you to run, walk, jump, flip, bounce, back roll bounce into other body zorbing and much more. Your legs are not inside the Zorb meaning you are free to move and do what your legs want to. Just put the Zorbing over your head and arms through the shoulder straps and you can play safely body zorbing.

Bubble Football

Bubble football is suitable for both children and adult playing together! They can wear it comfortably and bump to each other or play football together. It is suitable for playing on grass, ground and snow. Bubble football is a good choice for amusement activity. It not only can be played for fun but also can be for improving health. Let's have fun together with the bubble football !

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