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How to Create an Effective Presentation: Top 5 Rul

Whatever presentation you are going to work on, it has to be effective. If it isn’t, then what’s the sense of making it at all? Thus, your major goal as a presenter is to try your best effort to make your slideshow interesting, logical and informative. Follow the major rules to reach this crucial objective.

Rule #1 - Choose Quality Presentation Software

There are different programs you can use to create a presentation. Some of them like slideshow.photos/ are really worth your attention, while others will hardly help you reach your goals. It takes time to select the best software and test it well, so, you should do that well in advance not to face problems afterwards.

Rule #2 - Focus on the Main Idea

Many lecturers think that a presentation is their focal point, but they often forget that the main aspect that requires consideration is the main idea of the presentation. A slideshow you create is a very helpful tool used to provide the required arguments and illustrate them, but don’t forget about the message.

Rule #3 - Tell a Story

Your listeners will be more encouraged to listen to you, if you make a presentation that tells a story. The slides should be connected with each other to create a single narration. If you use them separately with no connection at all, your listeners may lose the main idea. Make sure your presentation is also logically-structured. This will contribute to its efficacy and informational value.

Rule #4 - Make It Readable

Your presentation should be readable to be properly understood by all the listeners, even by those, who sit on the distant rows. It’s better to know what room you will make your presentation in and how many people will listen to you in advance so that you could select the right slideshow design, fonts, typography and find proper equipment.

Rule #5 - Stick to the Point

A slideshow doesn’t have to be long to create positive impression. All the slides should be focused on the major topic. There is no need to make a presentation too long. 15-20 minutes will be enough to cover the topic, if you approach the process wisely. Good luck!


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