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Hunter Harrison

Owner - TechArt
Phone: 336-292-6684

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Technical Art for Marketing and Product Support

TechArt is a provider of all types of Technical Illustrations, from basic line art to photorealistic renderings. TechArt develops orthgraphic (2D) illustrations, isometric and perspective (3D) illustrations and photorealistic renderings. We provide illustrations for advertising and marketing materials as well as for product support materials, such as technical manuals and instruction sheets. We specialize in conversion of 2D and 3D CAD data into artwork for marketing and product support. We work with associates who are experts with 3D modeling CAD programs such as SolidWorks, ProEngineer and Inventor. Our background is in aerospace, automotive, furniture and home construction products. However, we have developed art for many different markets. If you need a particular type of technical art that you do not see in our samples, just email us with your requirements. We will look through our vast portfolio to locate and send you a sample (via email) that matches your requirements.

Technical Photo Editing - Advertising & Marketing

TechArt specializes in creative Technical Photo Editing. We can edit a single photograph (or 3D CAD output rendering) and change it from what it is into what you want it to be. By using Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator, TechArt can composite multiple photographs into one cohesive piece of art for your marketing and advertising requirements. Although TechArt can develop 3D CAD and renderings, we specialize in developing art that appears to have been 3D rendered, but using 2D techniques. In many cases, this 2D process can be much less expensive than developing a 3D model to accompish a photorealistic rendering. By utilizing TechArt's 2D rendering process, you can provide your end client with a high quality piece of art that looks very expensive without breaking the bank on a 3D modeled photorealistic rendering. Do you have a product that is not ready for prime time, but you need to start on marketing materials? Provide TechArt with ameteur or professional photos, CAD data or whatever you have. We can provide you with photorealistic art so that you can advance-advertise your product before it hits the finish line!

How we work with our clients

TechArt typically works on a per hour basis. However, we can provide free estimates (non-binding) or hard qoutes (binding) regarding your requirements. We provide quick turnaround, high quality work and responsive client support. We welcome the opportunitiy to serve you.

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