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inflatable tent

Inflatable tent

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Inflatable tent

Air tents (or Inflatable tents as they are also known) are recent innovation in camping. Instead of steel or fibreglass poles, these tents have inflatable beams which are filled via a pump; the beams become rigid and keep the tent stable and upright, much like a standard tent pole but easier. www.inflatable-tent.co.uk/

Inflatable tents uk

Best inflatable tent 2015: choosing the best inflatable tent can be a nightmare! We put this page together to help you decide what's best tent for you! www.facebook.com/pages/Inflatabletent/1483545271964820

air tents

If you are after a cheaper inflatable tent, you can also check our clearance page with lots of inflatable tents on sale. twitter.com/inflatable_tent

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