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Brian Clapton

Project Manager

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Bearing Specialist

Bearings are far from rare in railway and train applications. Indeed, they are in copious supply, and can be found inside trains’ axleboxes, gearboxes, drive systems, tilting mechanisms, shock absorbers, and more. Bushings, as a type of bearing, will of course make up railway bearing, also. Obviously, due to the speeds and loads commanded / demanded by trains, these bearings need to be extremely tough, durable, dependable, and well suited to their environment. Insufficient or unsuitable bearings can cause excessive vibrations or even malfunctions which, in turn, equate to complaints, delays, time and money spent on maintenance, and decreased customer satisfaction. This in turn can affect the number of passengers who choose that railway company and so affect profits. Who could imagine that something as small as a bearing could, potentially, have such a huge impact?


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Brochure and Literature, Marketing, 3-5 Years

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