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Nesli ostrowski

Product Photographer for Amazon Sel

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Quality Matters. Sell More Products.

If you want your product to successfully compete with the best out there, you need quality photos to match that standard. NesliHunFoto, located in San Diego California, will help you achieve your goals with in-house photography and retouching. Your product will be treated with unique lighting and set up that will ensure to highlight it.
There is no one size fits all photography, so I do not use a light box to photograph your products.
Every set up is centered around your product. I provide high quality product photography that will make sure your product stands out of hundreds of others on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Visit productphotographyforamazon.com for more examples and info about pricing.


In today's world, we all rely on visual content, from smart phones to tablets, from any e-commerce site to publications. To be able to make your products or services stand out from the crowd, you need professional photography that is done right. After photographing and preparing many different styles of products for catalogs and advertising for almost two decades, I am experienced in creating high end commercial photos of any product look its best. I am very proud to be able to deliver high quality photography in vivid colors and details for my customers. By utilizing latest technology in photography equipment and software programs I am able to provide every customer with highest resolution photos that could be printed as big as billboards while providing web files that are e-commerce ready. With fast turn around time and local business friendly prices, I make sure the photo shoot process is effortless on your part. Unlike most other product photography services out there, I take my time to create art and perfection when I am working on a project. I do not believe in one size fit all photography services for product photography. Every product has difficulties because of their shape, size or material it is made out of. I like to get challenged and solve the problems that we run in to while photographing new items. When you send your items to me, I take my time and adjust my set up and sometimes re-shoot few times before achieving the final photo that makes the product stand out with its details and accuracy. neslihunfoto.com


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