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stacey brown

Writer and Photographer

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• 4 + years of well diverse photography training and public service
• Professional high quality results with creativity, imagination and style
• Proven positive results to respond immediately under pressure in emergencies confidently and creatively in challenging situations
• Superior performer setting a standard with dedication and enthusiasm while working alone or with others with outstanding social skills
• Quick thinking, swift hand/eye coordination and fast paced when faced with adverse conditions, and a stressful environment with motivation and determination

Event Photography
• Manages a staff of 5 photographers during show events and expos
• Maintains a professional service record and great work ethic among radio stations (power 104.3, da bomb 102.7, and Hot 93.9), and club promoters among California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, and Washington states
• Known for great angles, eye appealing taste, and beautiful quality results
• Creative and imaginative with diverse perspective from all angles while working
• Exclusive coverage on a variety of singers and artists past and present performing concerts (Rhianna, Xhibit, Jin, DJ Drama, DJ Rectangle, Paul Wall, Lil Jon, and more)


• Primary/Alternate photographer on 1 western Pacific deployment, several warfare exercises, and 6 + missions onboard 1 fast attack submarine
• Captures wildlife in their natural habitat
• Photograph dangerous race car driving under all conditions
• Travel to many countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Etc.) for natural cultural settings in natural environment with natural behavior
• Enjoy family and all recreational activities and festivities (birthdays, etc)

Glamour Photography

• Idealistic with models amateur and professional young and old working with a variety of celebrity models gaining professional experience (FrancineDee.com, AlexiaLei.com, NinaRoxanne.com, ShaeNorris.com, and MsCarla.com)
• Inspirational, motivational, and determined with high quality work ethic
• Establishes trust, comfortably, and fun for smooth and worthwhile photo shoot
• Works with all angles, ideas, creative techniques, and imagination
• Fast paced, selective capturing, and passionate dedication

Portraiture Photography

• Enjoys working with children and adults
• Family oriented with serious morals and fun attitude
• Well diverse with an open mind for creativity and imagination
• Conducts all styles of portraiture photography including nude

2008 – Present, Photo Services Hawaii
2006 – Present,
www.URFLiX.com; California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington
2006 – 2012, Rock Solid Tattoo; Hawaii
1996 – 2008, United States Navy
o USS Key West (SSN 722); 2004-2008; Hawaii
2004 – 2006, www.ImportCulture.com; California, Hawaii, and Washington

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