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Every registered FigDig member is required to carefully read, understand and agree to these guidelines. Updates and revisions to these guidelines will occur from time to time, so please review this page often.

Becoming a FigDig member means that you agree to these guidelines. If you do not agree to the FigDig guidelines, you are not entitled to become a member of this website or service.

FigDig is committed to showcasing only quality creative work.

To ensure all creative work is properly represented and of the highest quality,
FigDig requires that each member:

1) Has an outstanding portfolio of work and be a creative professional
2) Uploads eight, high-quality, JPEG samples that are 1224 pixels wide x 792 pixels tall
3) Has a well-written profile that communicates what makes them outstanding
4) Identifies their portfolio samples and profile by selecting keywords that are relevant to their work and experience

FigDig is a shared creative community. Failure to follow these standards not only compromises your creative work, but the creative work of other FigDig members.

FigDig will review portfolios to ensure that they meet the above criteria, and will suspend or terminate any account that does not meet these requirements.

Account Information

By registering to become a FigDig Member you agree to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date account registration information. You also agree to maintain, update and keep your account information current. FigDig can suspend or terminate registered members who do not update or provide accurate account information.

Portfolio and Profile Content

Every FigDig member assumes responsibility for the portfolio samples, profile content and information provided and uploaded to FigDig while using this service.

By using FigDig you agree to not upload or post:

a) material that is copyrighted or not your own without permission of the owner

b) material or content that reveals trade secrets, privacy information or is considered intellectual property without permission of the owner

c) any creative work or profile information that is not your own

d) any creative work or profile information that we consider to be inappropriate, obsene, offensive, abusive, hateful, threatening, defamatory to any person, brand, entity or business) sexually-explicit images or pornography) material that contains viruses or other computer programming that may cause damage to this or any other service

Liability for Content

By using this service you agree that FigDig acts only as a host and assumes no liability, responsibility, lawsuit or conflict that may arise for any content you post or upload to this website.

FigDig is only a forum and does not screen or censor content uploaded to this website. FigDig is not involved in any transaction, relationship or employment that may result from using this service. You agree that FigDig is under no obligation and does not control or validate any uploaded content or information. FigDig does not endorse or share the opinions of its members and is not obligated to screen information in advance and is not responsible for monitoring material posted by users. You agree that any interaction and agreement between you and another individual, organization or entity that may transpire from this service is not the responsibility or liability of FigDig and is done at your own risk.

Any posted material or content that is out of date, inaccurate or contains typographic errors is not the responsibility of FigDig.

You agree that FigDig is not responsible for any person, business or entity that steals, uses, reproduces or shares any content or information you upload to this service. You are responsible and liable for any content and information you upload to this service and do so at your own risk.

FigDig Portfolio and Sample Rating

FigDig is not responsible and assumes no liability on the portfolio rating or sample rating your work may receive by the FigDig community. The FigDig rating system does not reflect our opinion of your work. The rating you receive is an overall rating average the FigDig user community has submitted and is based only on the opinions of those who have viewed your work. You agree there is no liability and/or credibility to the rating your portfolio may receive as a result of using this service.

Inbound and Outbound Web Links From FigDig

You can link to and from FigDig to other websites, however any links to pornography or any content that is considered inappropriate or harmful is not the responsibility of FigDig and will result in immediate termination of your membership. FigDig does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials that results from any inbound or outbound links. FigDig does not pay fees or referral fees as a result of any inbound or outbound links. We are not responsible for any broken links due to out-of-date content and invalid URL's.

FigDig Intellectual Property

All content and information not provided by FigDig members such as the FigDig name, logo, design, brand, website, icons, copy, etc. are the exclusive intellectual property and creative rights of FigDig. Any reproduction of the above is prohibited without prior consent.

You may use any web links that contain content or information you uploaded to FigDig. You may use screen captions and print any page that displays your content and information in a way that does does not harm or damage the FigDig brand and intellectual property.

Responsibility For Our Web Server and Service

Unfortunately we do not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to your account or this service due to server downtime resulting from hosting side interruption or malfunction.

Although we make every attempt to ensure our website functions error free, you may encounter a coding error, defect or system bug that may result in information or content loss. FigDig assumes no responsibility of cost or lost time in this event and regrets any inconvenience.


FigDig can at any time terminate or suspend your account or remove any material or information without prior notice if you fail to comply with these guidelines.

It is your responsibility to carefully read and understand these guidelines.

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